December 15th 1890: Sitting Bull killed


Sitting Bull (c.1831 – 1890)


On this day in 1890, the Native American Lakota Sioux chief Sitting Bull was killed. Despite peace between the Sioux and the US government in 1868, when gold was discovered in the Black Hills in the 1870s white prospectors invaded their lands. The Sioux tribes united under Sitting Bull’s leadership and his people had some major military victories over US forces, especially the Battle of Little Bighorn where Sioux and Cheyenne warriors defeated the forces of General Custer. Sitting Bull then led his people to Canada, returning in 1881. He then joined Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show but soon returned to his people. Sitting Bull was killed on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation by police as they tried to arrest him under fears he would join the Ghost Dance movement.



Sitting Bull’s burial site

“I would rather die an Indian than live a white man”


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