April 2nd 1982: Argentina invades the Falkland Islands

Hi everyone, sorry there was no post yesterday! I had two coursework essays to hand in today so just didn’t have the time. Anyway, here’s the post for today


British soldiers during the invasion

On this day in 1982,  Argentine forces landed on the Falkland Islands and occupied the area, which marked the beginning of the Falklands War. The war was the product of long tensions over who possessed the islands, with Argentina claiming ownership and Britain seeing the islands as British territory. Argentine forces landed on the islands and fought the British Royal Marines at Government House, leading to British surrender and thus Argentina seizing control of the Falklands. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher responded by sending a naval task force to attack the Argentinians. The conflict killed 649 Argentinians, 255 Britons and three Falkland Islanders, even though it only lasted 74 days. The war ended with Argentine surrender on 14th June, thus returning the islands to Britain.



Argentinian forces sink the British HMS Sheffield

The Falklands War was one of the many events that brewed discontent in Britain under Thatcher. Many considered the war unnecessary, and criticised her decision to sink the Argentine ship the ‘Belgrano’ after they retaliated with an attack on the British HMS Sheffield. Too many people were dying over some seemingly insignificant islands. The discontent in Britain at this time is excellently portrayed in the film ‘This is England’ which follows a young boy who lost his father in the way and gets taken in by a gang of white supremacist skinheads. Definitely worth a watch!



Newsweek headline of 19th April 1982




One response to “April 2nd 1982: Argentina invades the Falkland Islands

  1. Al

    Reblogged this on Open Jotter and commented:
    This wasn’t a crisis. This wasn’t a conflict. This was a war where one nation invaded the sovereign territory of another.
    The islanders I’ve spoken to are fiercely proud to be British and as long as they want to stay that way they deserve protection from the harassment that is still being perpetrated by the Government of Argentina today.

    If you want an inside view of these events, I would heartily recommend “Invasion 1982: The Falkland Islanders’ Story” by Graham Bound. An excellent read.

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